Special Thanks

Want to give a special thanks to a few groups of people here for their support and help


Thanks to CatBitTaken for putting together the Side of Beef video


Thanks to Arch Angels for remixing Some Days ( Soundcloud / Youtube )


Thanks to DatBoize3 (Soundcloud / Youtube)  for the beats on
Side of Beef
“Some Days”
“Tell Me Why” 

Thanks to Baccyard for the beat on “Triggered!

Thanks to  TunnA Beatz for the beat on “Galileo

Thanks to LOB for the beats on “Woke” and “Uncivil

Thanks to The Div (of LA Knights) for the beat on “Secret Society

Thanks to Strictly Underground Funk for the beat on “White Male”

Thanks to Nasty Beats for the beat on “Nasty Guy”


Thanks to the_Donald for their support, and thanks to the many members who have shared, commented, followed or helped out (CatBitTaken, Braxxar, Jatie1, Macredsmile, blackburrow_gnoll, keln78, waynebradysworld, Yankeedude252, pusangani,) and the many many others that have shown your support and i lost your names.  It is huge to me to hear back from you that you enjoy the music, that means more to me than anything else here when making these songs.  Really appreciate it!